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Around Harvard & Davis Square – 08.09.20

One place that I have not been back to since the start of the 2020 Pandemic has been the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In particular, the world famous Harvard Square. On August 9th, I decided to take a quick trip out to Harvard Square to just take a look and see what the area was looking like these days.

As expected, it was fairly quiet. While there were still small groups of people wandering about -including a few select students on the grounds of Harvard University,- the Square had far more shuttered businesses than it did visitors. The walk around the Square took a mere 45 minutes.

Out of curiosity, I headed to another spot that would normally be populated with throngs of folks wandering about on a sunny Sunday morning: Davis Square in Somerville. Much like Harvard, Davis was also somewhat quiet. The good news about those who were out in both areas? Nearly everyone was wearing a mask. Hopefully that will continue and full life will return to both squares soon enough.

Sunset. Melrose, MA – July 2020

Just a few quick shots from an evening walk near Ell Pond in Melrose a few nights back. One of the truly great things about living where I do is that Ell Pond is only a few minutes’ walk away, and it is a spot that offers whoever is lucky enough to be there a bit of tranquility. And if the weather conditions are right, it offers up one hell of a lovely view.

May these photos bring you a few moments of peace, and may this blog post find you well. Be safe, everyone!


Boston, MA – June 7, 2020

Last weekend, I once again found myself heading into the city of Boston to observe and document familiar locations that have gone through some truly trying, surrealistic and often tragic times.

I’ll hold off on the social commentary and present instead a series of pictures of the downtown of a city that, like many others nationwide, have dealt with a double whammy of recent civil unrest alongside a months-long pandemic.

Be safe, everyone.


Boston, MA – May 24, 2020

Here’s a second set of photos taken last Sunday while I walked around Boston. Given the events over the past seven days -and in particular, last night- in both this country and the city of Boston, a mere week ago feels more like an eternity.
Everyone, please stay safe and please, watch out for one another. 


Miscellaneous – May 8, 2020

As staying at home enters its second month -I think it’s been two months- here in Massachusetts, I continue to dig through the archives to work on some older pics. Here are a few more from Boston back in March of 2020 and one photo taken down on Cape Cod back in October of last year.

So while we all wait to get back to something that slightly resembles normal life again, stay safe!