A Night at the Beach – July 29, 2015

It was a hot, humid day in the Northeast today as temps went into the mid ’90s and the dew point was only about twenty degrees behind. My weather app said that Marblehead was about fifteen degrees cooler than Melrose, so I thought I would take a stroll up to Devereux Beach and hopefully chill a little bit.

I now realize that my weather app can’t be fully trusted. Nevertheless, it was still worth it to take a few shots while getting at least my feet wet and cool.

Devereux072915-5 Devereux072915-4 Devereux072915-3 Devereux072915-2 Devereux072915-1

Kickstarter Campaign: A Winter’s Day

Hello all,

I have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publication of my second book of photography, A Winter’s Day. A collection of photos taken over the past few winters here in New England, A Winter’s Day is a project I am very excited to undertake and see through to its publication this fall. For more details on the project and the campaign, please click here.

Thanks for checking it out!


Boston and Charlestown – 6/20/15

While down in Charlestown this morning to do a quick engagement shoot with a truly wonderful couple, I opted to take advantage of the beautiful early summer weather and shoot some pics around the area. A great day to photograph, but it came with an unwanted bonus: sunburn.

I need to remind myself again and again that I am Irish and thus need to douse myself with sunscreen when I venture outdoors between June and September. ;)
BostonCharlestown062015-8 BostonCharlestown062015-7 BostonCharlestown062015-6 BostonCharlestown062015-5 BostonCharlestown062015-4 BostonCharlestown062015-3 BostonCharlestown062015-2 BostonCharlestown062015-1