On The Way Home From Work – 02/18/2016

I had a little extra time for myself after work last night. So after running an errand last night in Salem – and not having to head into Boston to work at job number two-, I decided to take the long way back home so I could enjoy the sunset along the North Shore. It was cold, but it was worth it.

Sunset021816wm-7 Sunset021816wm-6 Sunset021816wm-5 Sunset021816wm-4

More Winter Pics – February 5 & 6, 2016

A few additional shots I worked on today. Two of the pictures were taken today (2/6/16) around sunset in a remote part of Stoneham, Mass. That was the fun part. The not-so fun part was getting lost in the woods after it got dark. It was a good hour of hiking and what not, but next time I will stay on the beaten path.😉

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Winter Pics, January and February 2016

Hello all,

Recently, two things happened that had not occurred in quite some time. The first was that the New England area actually got some honest to goodness winter weather. The first batch was up in Maine a week ago (the first four pics are from Old Orchard Beach) and then, the Boston area received about seven or eight inches of snow today (2/5/16). Since I had Friday off both last week and this week, there was only one thing to do: get out and take some photographs!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Old Orchard Beach Jan 29 2016 -4

Old Orchard Beach Jan 29 2016 -3 Old Orchard Beach Jan 29 2016 -2 Old Orchard Beach Jan 29 2016 -1

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“A Winter’s Day” – Standard Landscape Edition Now Available

I’m happy to now offer an edition of A Winter’s Day in a Standard Landscape edition! It contains the same group of photos and text at a more affordable price. Order now to receive your copy by Christmas!

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Paris, Je t’aime

In light of the senseless massacre that occurred in Paris today, I thought I would offer up some pics I took during my visits to the City of Lights between 2008-2011. It’s a remarkable place, one I hope everyone has the opportunity to visit at least once in their lifetime. My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight.

Paris 11 Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Wider Angle Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Wider Angle Top Le Vrai Paris 120510 A Snowy Wednesday In Paris Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6 Paris 15
Paris 8Paris 1 Paris 9 Paris 10 Downtown Paris 12-04-10 Merry Christmas Paris 12-04-10 Downtown Paris 12-08-10 This is Paris Not Moscow! Paris In CinemaScope! Paris Up Close A Cloudy Sunday in Paris Paris Street Night 120410 BW Cathedral Paris 120510 BW Cathedral Paris 120510 BW1 Paris 12 Paris 13 Paris 14 Paris Mini Tower _MG_7153 Clouds_Over_Paris_July_9_2012 2 OnceUponATimeInParis Paris-1