Monthly Archives: September 2018

A Foggy Morning In York – 9.15.18

This morning, I headed up to York, Maine to participate in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s (The walk raised a phenomenal $76,000. Awesome work, Maine!). Since I was going to be in the area, I figured I would get up early, head over to one of my favorite haunts – Nubble Lighthouse- and take some pics of the sunrise. Alas, it was more of a “fog rise” than anything else. Luckily for me, a foggy morning on the coast of New England is something I truly like. Especially when taking some pics.

Color pics are great, but I have missed taking shots that I would process in black and white. A foggy morning where sunlight was practically nonexistent was the perfect opportunity to delve back into the ol’ B&W while playing around a bit with the images.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.


The 34th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival – Parade of Sail Highlights Part 1

The 34th Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival held its Parade of Sail this morning, and once again I was on hand to capture the beautiful vessels as they made their way from Inner Harbor, past the Fisherman’s Memorial on Stacy Boulevard and then off to the starting area of the Mayor’s Race, which is located off of Eastern Point, all located in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts. It’s quite a spectacle to see. The following collection is the first part of the pictures I captured during the parade on September 2nd, 2018. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.




Summer’s Close – August 2018

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial conclusion to the summer season. Of course, when the five-day forecast promises yet another heat wave with temps near 100 on at least one of those days, it’s hard to get excited just yet about leaves changing color, NFL football starting or the infiltration of pumpkin…everything. Still, I will use the holiday weekend as a chance to share some of the pics I have taken during the sweltering month of August. I hope you enjoy them and do so in some sort of air-conditioned comfort. Well, unless you’re looking at them in the wintertime. Then I hope they warm you up a bit.