Around Harvard & Davis Square – 08.09.20

One place that I have not been back to since the start of the 2020 Pandemic has been the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In particular, the world famous Harvard Square. On August 9th, I decided to take a quick trip out to Harvard Square to just take a look and see what the area was looking like these days.

As expected, it was fairly quiet. While there were still small groups of people wandering about -including a few select students on the grounds of Harvard University,- the Square had far more shuttered businesses than it did visitors. The walk around the Square took a mere 45 minutes.

Out of curiosity, I headed to another spot that would normally be populated with throngs of folks wandering about on a sunny Sunday morning: Davis Square in Somerville. Much like Harvard, Davis was also somewhat quiet. The good news about those who were out in both areas? Nearly everyone was wearing a mask. Hopefully that will continue and full life will return to both squares soon enough.

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