Monthly Archives: May 2015

Website Update


Hello, all. A long overdue update of the Shawn Fitzgerald Photography website has begun. Most of the updates have been additions of photos seen on this blog page as well as a new page for a preview of my upcoming book On A Winter’s Day in, where else? The Books section!

There will be more updates over the next few days if not sooner. I hope you check it out and enjoy your visit. Be sure to share the site with your friends (and thanks)!

Time Lapse and Miscellaneous – May 2015

The first five photos are my first time lapse pictures of 2015. The first photo is a ten minute exposure on the street outside my house. Pictures three through five were variations on picture two, which was a five minute exposure. The three that follow the time lapse photos were taken on Mother’s Day at dusk and the remainder were random photos I worked on last weekend.TLTest0515-4TLTest0515-5TLTest0515-1TLTest0515-2TLTest0515-3Misc0515-7 Misc0515-6 Misc0515-5 Misc0515-4 Misc0515-3 Misc0515-2 Misc0515-1


Variations on a Few Old Photos

I was going through my old photos recently and came across two that I took while out on what felt like the endless highways of Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. Nothing against Pennsylvania, it’s quite a nice state. But anyone who has driven from Boston to the western part of PA knows that the road goes on forever more. 😉 I liked the isolation of the images, in particular the sole tree in the black and white photo. The only thing missing were those creepy Teletubbies that recently were part of a Joy Division music video. One of the funniest -and most disturbing- mashups ever.

Tree_One-1 Tree_Two-1

Boston Commons, May 2, 2015.

Spring has sprung! It was an absolutely perfect day weather-wise in Boston today. Following a viewing of Avengers: Age of Ultron (a fun piece of popcorn entertainment despite its flaws), I headed out and walked around the Boston Commons and down around the waterfront near the North End. Here are a few pics from the Commons. Enjoy!



Boston_Commons_May0215-1Boston_Commons_May0215-3 Boston_Commons_May0215-4 Boston_Commons_May0215-5