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Maine and Rockport – 2016/2019

Sometimes, you just feel the need to go back into your photo archives and edit some previously untouched pics. Such was the case tonight. It was far too cold outside to go take some new pics -we’re also supposed to be getting some snow overnight as well-, so I thought I would go and see what I could play around with. I found the following pics I took back in May 2016 during my trip up to Bar Harbor.

I also found a pair of pics from my visit up to Halibut Point State Park at the beginning of the month to edit. The final shot was one I took a look at and decided not to do too much revising to (only a few instances of dust on the sensor were removed). I loved the fading sunset far off in the distance that still managed to highlight a little bit of the frozen water -despite still being in the mid 50s at the time I took the photo- and the darkness that had blanketed the area. Looking at the picture, you can almost sense the silence that encompassed the park.

Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -5Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -4Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -3Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -2Miscellaenous Feb 2019 (Maine 2016) -1Miscellaenous Feb 2019 -2Miscellaenous Feb 2019 No Filter -1

Marblehead, MA (Pre-Super Moon) – 02.19.19

Following a late afternoon appointment in Danvers, I zipped on over to the Marblehead area to grab some pics of the Super Snow Moon that was due to rise a little after 5:30pm. With little to no commuter traffic to contend with thanks to school vacation week, I was in the area with a little time to kill. First stop was Devereux Beach. The beach was deserted, which was perfect to get a few interesting shots of a closed down beach blanketed with snow.

The main destination for the early evening, Marblehead Light, had a few folks awaiting the arrival of the Super Snow Moon, but not the usual amount that visit the spot during both warmer times of the year or during other Super Moon appearances.

A few pics below were experiments of sorts, playing around with shapes, shadows, light and color. As with my photos from the week before taken at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, I wanted to combine these elements to help convey feelings of isolation and, often, tranquility that a cold winter’s day in New England can bring. I also threw in another photo of the Super Snow Moon for good measure (it was well worth freezing one’s butt off for).

I hope you like the pictures presented below.