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Miscellaneous – May 8, 2020

As staying at home enters its second month -I think it’s been two months- here in Massachusetts, I continue to dig through the archives to work on some older pics. Here are a few more from Boston back in March of 2020 and one photo taken down on Cape Cod back in October of last year.

So while we all wait to get back to something that slightly resembles normal life again, stay safe!


Miscellaneous – Cape Cod, MA 10/19

Here are a few additional pics taken last week while I was down on the Cape. The seagull, who I was calling “Fred” for some reason, kept following me around as I was trying to take pics on a beach in West Dennis. I didn’t have any food with me, so I think he was just a little lonely. That or he really wanted his picture taken, I’m not entirely sure.

Cape Cod October 2019 -18Cape Cod October 2019 -16Cape Cod October 2019 -17