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13,000 Steps – Part One 10/15/16.

I was planning on returning to Bar Harbor this fall but decided instead to focus on a few other areas I haven’t been to yet. Today, saw a quick trip to Northern New Hampshire. This is part one of the pics. By the way, the title is derived from the amount of steps my Apple Watch told me I achieved from four hours of walking. The lesson learned here is keep yourself in shape. I am still feeling every step ten hours later. nh101516-1 nh101516-2 nh101516-3 nh101516-4 nh101516-5 nh101516-6 nh101516-7 nh101516-8 nh101516-9 nh101516-10 nh101516-11 nh101516-12 nh101516-13 nh101516-14 nh101516-15 nh101516-16 nh101516-17