Freeport and Phippsburg, Maine – 05/12/17

A day off from work translated into a day trip to my current favorite photography spot: the state of Maine. The weather started off iffy, but soon changed as I head to the towns of Freeport and Phippsburg, where the beauty of Wolfe’s Neck and Popham Beach State Parks awaited me. As if the lovely locations weren’t enough, I was lucky to meet a great group of people along the way who gave me tips on new locations to track down in the future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos taken on May 12th.


4 thoughts on “Freeport and Phippsburg, Maine – 05/12/17

    1. spf1227 Post author

      The quieter parts have a wonderful, relaxing effect on me. You absorb not only the beauty of the nature around you, but also the quiet. It recharges me, allows me to be more open and just feel happier overall. And the people I have encountered have only added to my overall appreciation of the region.

      And the best part? I’ve only covered probably less than one percent of it! 🙂


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