Announcing “Here and There…Volume One”

Over a year in the making, I am happy to announce that my third collection of photography, Here and There…Volume One, is now available for purchase. This is a collection of photographs I have taken from the past 16 months, capturing places such as Cadillac Mountain, Nubble Lighthouse and The Boston Common at their most serene (yes, even downtown Boston can be a peaceful place).

The locations captured in Here and There not only afforded me the opportunity to take some great pictures, it also gave me something even more important these days: peace of mind. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience that privilege. For many -such as the people of Syria-, everyday life is anything but peaceful. Theirs, like many around the world, is a situation that grows more desperate by the minute, and one that needs our help.

This is why I am very proud to announce that the net proceeds from each copy of Here and There…Volume One sold will be going to the International Rescue Committee. The IRC helped over 26 million people worldwide in 2016, and with our help that number can go even higher.  If you can’t afford the book right now, I hope you will consider a direct contribution to the IRC.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope you enjoy the book!

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