Supermoon and Nahant Beach Photos, July 12, 2014

As many of you know, last night was the SuperMoon for the month of July, one of three expected this year (the next one is due on August 10th). A true thing of beauty if you can experience it firsthand, one of the best locations to see the SuperMoon around my region is at Nahant Beach in Nahant, MA. There is an unobstructed view of the horizon and there is a small island named Egg Rock Island, which makes a nice addition to the pictures one may take. Nahant Beach is a beautiful location and if the temps are agreeable and it isn’t too humid it is a perfect place to spend a late afternoon/evening during the summer. I did a series on Nahant Beach last summer for the Shores of the North Shore series at North Shore Art Throb magazine. To check out my 2013 photos of Nahant Beach, simply click here. The following were taken on July 12, 2014. More will be added as time permits so check back often! Supermoon-6

This was a variation on the above photo. I thought I would try to liven things up with a bit of tinkering. Supermoon-5 Supermoon-4 Supermoon-3 Supermoon-2 Supermoon-1 moon-6 NahantJuly2014 Supermoon-8 Supermoon-7The following is a photo I played around with in Google’s Nik Collection using the “Double Exposure” template. Not a great photo by any stretch of the imagination, but I did like how it created a double SuperMoon. Made me think of Arrakis from Dune for some reason. Okay, I watched the superb documentary Jodorosky’s Dune this week so that may have done it. 🙂

Arrakis-1More tinkering around with photos from last night.
Trippy -1

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