Boston Protest, Beacon Street – December 4, 2014

This past Thursday afternoon, approximately one hundred people took to the streets of Boston to protest the lack of indictments for two high-profile police killings in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. The crowd was largely young college-age students, but there were also a smattering of adults as well. The crowd marched down Tremont Street en route to heading up to the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Street. The demonstration lasted approximately 30-40 minutes and for a short period of time blocked the traffic on Beacon Street. Boston Police were present for the peaceful march and demonstration at the State House.

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Press Conference: Remembering Boston Mayor Tom Menino October 30, 2014

The city of Boston lost an icon this morning as the city’s longest-serving mayor, Thomas M. Menino, passed away at the age of 71. Serving five terms as the city’s mayor, Tom Menino was one of a kind. Even if you didn’t vote for him, even if you weren’t from Boston, if Mayor Menino met you he made you feel welcome.

I was fortunate enough to have met Mr. Menino years ago just outside of his home. I was speaking with the state trooper parked outside of his home and the mayor came out to the front yard. He came over and said hi, introduced himself as “Tom” and asked about myself. The conversation lasted only a few minutes and I never bumped into Menino again, but that brief encounter certainly made a lasting impact on me.

Menino’s successor, Marty Walsh, spoke to the media gathered outside of Boston City Hall this afternoon. As I was heading downtown I opted to stop and see if I could get a few images of the press conference as well as hear Mr. Walsh speak about the late Mayor Menino.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Menino. Boston will never be the same without you.WalshMeninoConf-4






PEM PM: Balance In Motion October 16, 2014

On October 16th, the Peabody Essex Museum held their monthly “PEM PM” event, this month’s event was entitled Balance In Motion. Celebrating the vision of Alexander Calder, who sculptures explore the tension between balance and movement, Balance in Motion featured Aerial Fabrics from the Fearless Flyers Academy of Salem, Tea Tasting with Upton Tea Imports, Indoor Kite Flying and Swing Dancing with members of Lindy Bomb Squad.

The following images are of Lindy Bomb Squad and the Fearless Flyers Academy. 
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