PEM PM: Balance In Motion October 16, 2014

On October 16th, the Peabody Essex Museum held their monthly “PEM PM” event, this month’s event was entitled Balance In Motion. Celebrating the vision of Alexander Calder, who sculptures explore the tension between balance and movement, Balance in Motion featured Aerial Fabrics from the Fearless Flyers Academy of Salem, Tea Tasting with Upton Tea Imports, Indoor Kite Flying and Swing Dancing with members of Lindy Bomb Squad.

The following images are of Lindy Bomb Squad and the Fearless Flyers Academy. 
PEMPMOct2014-44PEMPMOct2014-43 PEMPMOct2014-42PEMPMOct2014-35PEMPMOct2014-39PEMPMOct2014-36PEMPMOct2014-45PEMPMOct2014-38 PEMPMOct2014-34 PEMPMOct2014-33 PEMPMOct2014-32 PEMPMOct2014-31 PEMPMOct2014-30 PEMPMOct2014-29 PEMPMOct2014-28 PEMPMOct2014-27 PEMPMOct2014-26 PEMPMOct2014-25 PEMPMOct2014-24 PEMPMOct2014-23 PEMPMOct2014-22 PEMPMOct2014-21 PEMPMOct2014-20 PEMPMOct2014-19 PEMPMOct2014-17 PEMPMOct2014-16 PEMPMOct2014-15 PEMPMOct2014-14 PEMPMOct2014-13 PEMPMOct2014-12 PEMPMOct2014-10 PEMPMOct2014-9 PEMPMOct2014-7 PEMPMOct2014-6 PEMPMOct2014-5
PEMPMOct2014-3 PEMPMOct2014-2 PEMPMOct2014-1

Northeastern Eclipse Tease October 7, 2014

In the Northeast, the fall weather can be quite fickle. Tonight is one of those nights. There is a full eclipse coming up at approximately 3am Eastern time tonight, but here in New England we’re getting clouds, wind and heavy rain at that time. So, in an attempt to capture something of the “blood moon” prior to the rain, here is a shot I took this evening. Have a great night and hopefully you’ll have a great view of the eclipse where you live! moon100714-11